Although everyone has a talent, what is rare is finding the courage to follow wherever it may lead.

The encouragement of the people I love and admire

and enthusiastic response of  so many has enabled me to be bold by exploring new techniques to grow as an artist.

I have the courage to dive in into my artistic creations and courage to share with you my fascination with watercolors.

Though I’ve always hoped to consider myself as an artist, for a very long time I  had no chance to be one before my retirement. I founded unexpected joy and fulfillment with every painting. I’m in constant awe of the magic of water’s interaction with pigment, and my own ability to create with every single stroke of the brush.

Suddenly painting became my addiction, always leading me to challenge and delightful surprise. I’m so aware of the fact that my vision will exceed my skills but I’m determined to experiment, to push myself to my limits as long as it takes to capture atmosphere, mood, feelings, and movement in my paintings.

I’m striving to infuse into my work unique and totally free expressions to have others share in my passion and excitement of my journey into watercolors.

Welcome to my gallery

Some of my last year work is inspired by teaching and art of world renowned best selling author, artist, and educator admired by me for years, Jean Haines.

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